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Industry information
[Core Information 07.21] MCU shipments may decrease, but the average price is still stable  (2023/7/21 12:04:47)
[Core Information 07.19] Automotive and other applications for the IC industry in the second half of the power  (2023/7/19 12:51:02)
[Core Information 07.12] wafer foundry price competition is more intense, memory is through the bottom  (2023/7/12 14:52:03)
Core information 06.30  (2023/6/30 14:34:02)
[Core Information 06.17] Micron, Texas Instruments two original factory to expand the layout  (2023/6/17 12:18:17)
[Core Information 06.15] The inventory problem is still to be solved, and the foundry market is shrinking  (2023/6/15 11:54:49)
[Core information 06.06] TSMC or another price increase, Kai Xia west number merger affects the flash memory industry pattern  (2023/6/6 12:45:37)
[Core Information 06.02] TI price cut for share, Infineon seeks a new acquisition  (2023/6/2 11:39:09)
[Core Information 05.31] Nvidia is achieving a new breakthrough in AI, and memory demand is expected to boost  (2023/5/31 11:38:32)
[Core Information 05.27] DRAM demand is expected to rebound, GPU urgent orders to boost wafer foundry  (2023/5/27 11:35:18)
MLCC out of the price bottom, the industry growth will have a new logic  (2023/5/26 11:23:06)
[Core Information 05.23] Micron products were suspended, and the silicon wafer contract price was loose  (2023/5/23 11:16:18)
[Core information 05.19] simulation giant ADI expansion, local flash memory factory price rise  (2023/5/19 10:58:05)
[Core Information 05.13] SMIC's revenue fell and OPPO stopped developing its own chips  (2023/5/13 12:11:27)
[Core Information 05.11] "electronic rice" MLCC price rise, reflecting the recovery of demand  (2023/5/11 11:50:15)
[Core information 05.08] IC original factory have announced financial results: automobile and industry into the main growth point  (2023/5/8 15:08:12)
[Core information 04.28] Micron lock-in storage decline, Samsung's profits fell sharply  (2023/4/28 12:36:45)
[Core Information 04.20] EU agrees on 43 billion euro chip subsidy!  (2023/4/20 12:16:00)
Destocking progress is different, these three types of IC will be the first out of the cycle  (2023/4/19 12:12:21)
[Core information 04.18] ASML was cut orders, car core demand also declined  (2023/4/18 12:18:12) © 2006-2017 Internet Thinking(Hong Kong) Electronic Co.,Limited(Copyright)