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[Core information 05.19] simulation giant ADI expansion, local flash memory factory price rise  (2023/5/19 10:58:05)
1. Simulation giant ADI will invest 630 million euros to expand its production

ADI has announced that it will invest 630 million euros in its European regional headquarters in Limerick, Ireland, to significantly expand its wafer capacity, the science and innovation board Daily reported.

The investment is Ireland to apply to the European commission the first European common interests important microelectronics and communication technology project (IPCEI ME / CT), planned construction of 45,000 square feet of new research and development and manufacturing facilities, will support ADI for industrial, automotive and healthcare chips to develop the next generation of signal processing products, these chips do not need cutting-edge technology.

2. Yangtze River storage NAND flash memory particles officially price prices

According to IT Home, with Samsung, Micron, SK Hynix and other brands of NAND particles began to gradually pull up slightly, most products have not continued to cut prices for a long time. According to China's flash memory market data, the NAND index has been stable in a range for nearly two months, and the price reduction trend has been significantly lower than at the end of last year.

In this case, domestic leading enterprises Yangtze River storage naturally do not want to see the market to continue to fall. The latest news shows that the Yangtze River storage particle price has begun to rise from last week. Bobantang a channel source said that the Yangtze River storage has notified the official pull up, the price increase is about 3% -5%, such as 256G has risen about $4 to 5. Of course, the first impact of the price increase is certainly the enterprise market, the consumer spot market may take some time to see a significant rise.

3. Chuan Digital and Kai Xia accelerated the merger to cope with the decline in demand

Kai Xia and Western Digital are speeding up merger talks and finalizing a deal structure as demand for memory chips declines, people familiar with the matter said, citing Reuters.

Under plans currently being made, Kai Xia will hold 43 percent, Western Digital 37% and the rest by existing shareholders of the two companies. The two sides are still in the negotiating stage and no decision has been made, so the details may change.

4. Samsung Electric announced the launch of the world's largest capacity vehicle MLCC

Samsung Electric has announced that it has developed the world's largest multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) for electric vehicles, IT Home reported. The company plans to expand its lineup of high-end electronics products to accelerate its penetration into the automotive electronics market.

According to recent estimates, there are at least 3000 to 10000 MLCC parts in a car. The MLCC, which was developed as a component for electric vehicles, is 33 nF (125 degrees Celsius) at 250V and 10 µ F (125 degrees Celsius) at 100V. Therefore, the MLCC can reach the highest industry capacity at the same voltage.

5. Anson plans to invest $2 billion to boost production of silicon carbide chips

Anson is considering investing $2 billion to increase production of silicon carbide (SiC) chips to expand available electric car models, including the United States, the Czech Republic or South Korea, The company cited.

6. Miccompany will receive 200 billion yen from Japan

Micron is preparing to receive about 200 billion yen from the Japanese government to produce next-generation memory chips in Japan, in the latest effort to strengthen domestic semiconductor production, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

People familiar with the matter asked not to be named because the agreement was not made public. The funding is likely to be announced on Thursday when Prime Minister Fumio Kishida meets on Thursday with a delegation of semiconductor industry executives, including Micron CEO Merotra. In addition to Micron, it also includes executives at seven major semiconductor companies, including TSMC and Intel.

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