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[Core Information 05.27] DRAM demand is expected to rebound, GPU urgent orders to boost wafer foundry  (2023/5/27 11:35:18)
1. Research: Global DRAM demand exceeded supply as early as July

Global demand for DRAM chips is expected to exceed supply as early as July, a change that will ease pressure on semiconductor companies struggling with the chip downturn, according to a report released by TrendForce. In addition, global DRAM demand is expected to exceed 105.4 billion 2GB chips this year, exceeding the estimated supply of 104.3 billion chips.

2. South Asia ko: DRAM stabilized in the second half of the year, PC demand improved

According to Taiwan, China Business Times, South Yke chairman Wu Jiazhao said that from the second quarter of this year, some negative factors in the market are expected to gradually slow down, coupled with the supplier capital expenditure adjustment, the second half of the terminal inventory has the opportunity to normalize, DRAM memory market demand will stabilize. He expects the market to improve quarter by quarter this year, with a long-term annual demand rate of 10-20%.

Li Peiying, general manager of South Asia Branch, also pointed out that due to the DRAM quarter to quarter quotation, so that the second quarter was lower, he expected the quotation to be better in the second half due to seasonal sales factors, but the situation of the product may be different. In terms of product category, the TV market has improved, and the PC part still needs to observe. After the epidemic, PC demand declines, but PC usually has a seasonal effect, and it is expected that the second half of the year will be better than the first half.

3. TSMC has obtained a large number of AI chip foundry orders

According to TechWeb, citing foreign media reports, industry insiders said that TSMC has won a large number of AI chip orders with manufacturing processes of 7nm or below, as demand for generative AI applications surges. Nvidia's high-performance GPU is an important one. In March, it was reported that OpenAI used 10,000 GPU in training ChatGPT, and about 25,000 Nvidia GPU in March to meet server requirements.

Market sources also recently revealed that Nvidia A100 and H100 are increasing orders for high-performance GPU for data centers, and they are increased the number of units at TSMC.

4. TSMC executives revealed that the factory building talks in Germany are still ongoing

Negotiations for TSMC to build a fabplant in Germany are still ongoing and are expected to make a decision as soon as August, TechWeb reported. The news was revealed by Zhang Xiaoqiang, a senior deputy general manager. A spokesman for the German economic sector has also confirmed the negotiations.

The news that TSMC may build a fabplant in Germany began in 2021, and has been repeated reports since then. In the middle of last month, sources said TSMC had decided to use a joint venture to build factories in Germany, using the same model as they did in Japan.

5. Analysis: The iPhone DDI shipments are expected to decrease by 30% next year

According to the science and Technology Innovation Board Daily 24 news, well-known analyst Guo Ming recently published that Apple's attitude towards the introduction of DDI new suppliers to conservative, the iPhone DDI shipments in 2024 may be lower than expected, is expected to be more than 30% less than expected. In addition, Android brand phones are widely expected to be weak in the second half of this year, and lianyong's market share in Android may not be able to offset this year's lackluster demand.

6. DDIC for integrated V passed the reliability test

According to science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, Crystal Integration announced that the company's 110nm panel driver chip (DDIC) has recently completed the reliability test of the 12.8-inch display assembly.

With the gradual increase of the market share of domestic new energy vehicles, the localization process of automotive electronics continues to advance. The company has successfully entered the field of automotive electronics through 110nm display drive chip (DDIC) OEM products, and has the production and technical conditions for further layout in the field of automotive electronics.

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