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Nexperia's new packaging and testing plant in Guangdong has been put into production.  (2018/3/8 13:06:37)
Nexperia's new packaging and testing plant in Guangdong has been put into production.
2018-03-07 label: source of semiconductor industry: OFweek Electronic Engineering Network

Nexperia (Yasuyo semiconductor) semiconductor (Chinese) recently announced an expansion of Guangdong limited to the new discrete device packaging and testing plant officially put into operation, the total area of 72000 square meters, 16000 square meters of new production area, the annual output reached 90 billion; according to the product portfolio, to achieve growth of around 50%, the strong support of the future the number of years Nexperia aspiring business development plan. The production of the new factory in Guangdong has made the total output of Nexperia more than 100 billion pieces in a year.

The semiconductor (Chinese) since limited company factory in Guangdong officially put into operation in 2000, 24 hours every day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year of uninterrupted operation, with more than 4 thousand employees, is committed to reduce the cost and improve the quality and efficiency of delivery. In 2017, the plant produced 62 billion small signal transistors and diodes; it is expected to produce 2 thousand products per second in 2018. The factory not only provide SOT23, SOD323 and SOT223, 523, SOT143, MCD, Ucsp, Flip, Chip package, also provides the semiconductor (including Chinese) limited the development of the latest package, 8x8mm LFPAK, DFN: large minimum logic package (GX4, DFN06064), FC QFN (ATGD SOT1232) 04026 surface protection and wafer level chip size package.

Guangdong factory has advanced production unit and lead-free package equipped with semiconductor production equipment more than 1500 sets of advanced more than 100 high-tech packaging line equipment including: wafer cutting, SMT machine, welding machine, injection molding, electroplating, cutting and molding, testing, printing and taping machine.


Nexperia CEO Frans Scheper said: "the semiconductor (Chinese) Co. Ltd. our factory in Guangdong by focusing on the cost, quality and delivery efficiency as the goal, continuously improve customer service, success. This strategy now and in the future, will make the semiconductor Co. Ltd. (Chinese) has become a key factor in Nexperia manufacturing strategy."


The vice president of the semiconductor (Chinese) general manager of limited volume of poetry said: "the establishment of advanced strong technical ability is critical to the success of Nexperia. Our Guangdong team focuses on the development of new packaging technology, advanced material applications, improvement of technology and equipment, product reliability, testing and loss analysis. Our other key advantage is to provide a series of new packages to provide the customers with the required products in time. 安世半导体(中国)有限公司充满竞争力的产品、封装能力,以及为多样化市场提供灵活产品组合的优势,帮助Nexperia在开拓商业机会时扮演了重要的角色。”


A new factory Nexperia Industry Summit and the semiconductor ceremony during the same period. The Nexperia industry summit is an exchange platform for industrial experts and business partners to exchange the latest trends in the development of China's integrated circuit industry.


Nexperia products are widely used in all kinds of consumer electronics, industrial electronics and automotive electronics applications. The semiconductor (Chinese) Co. Ltd. Guangdong factory has a strong pursuit of excellence quality culture, and obtained the ISO9001 quality standards, ISO / TS 16949 standard certification. The factory employees are proud of their sense of social responsibility, and the factory has also obtained ISO14001 environmental standards, OHSAS18001 health and safety standards. © 2006-2017 Internet Thinking(Hong Kong) Electronic Co.,Limited(Copyright)