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Core information 03.28] IGBT price rise continued, driving the IC will rebound  (2023/3/28 17:34:17)
Synaptics sells display integrated touch chip business to Qingxin Huachuang  (2019/12/24 11:38:22)
5g chip comprehensive seller's market: price increase of 5g chip of MediaTek Chengdu has customers to pay  (2019/11/26 15:08:38)
NVIDIA's third quarter net income of $3 billion fell 27% year on year  (2019/11/18 13:51:09)
LG Electronics sued TCL in Germany on suspicion of infringing three of its patents  (2019/11/12 12:29:46)
GE Xin, TSMC lawsuit ended, the second IC industry "big settlement" was born this year.  (2019/11/10 15:40:58)
SK Hailishi released Q2 quarterly results: profits plunged 88%.  (2019/7/30 10:48:36)
Huizhou Samsung Plans to Close down: A Seminar is being held to find a home for employees  (2019/7/11 12:03:31)
Toshiba Flash Memory Factory has not been fully restored due to power outage or has taken the lead in price increase  (2019/6/27 15:33:45)
Ren Zhengfei disclosed that Huawei had affected Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese suppliers in reducing production.  (2019/6/25 10:51:25)
Toshiba: 3D flash memory factory will resume production as soon as it encounters power failure accident  (2019/6/22 10:47:18)
Analyst: Apple will launch three iPhones in 2020, and two will support 5G.  (2019/6/20 11:26:57)
Ren Zhengfei: Huawei's revenue is expected to fall by $30 billion, guaranteeing no back door.  (2019/6/18 16:45:03)
Japanese Media: Japan shows that the company will lay off 1,200 CEO will resign in September  (2019/6/13 17:49:04)
Oaks Air Conditioner Response to Gree Reporting: There is no problem with the product  (2019/6/11 18:10:09)
Domestic 64-3 D Flash Stock Production Speed-up to Deal with the Risk of Supply Cut-off Faced by Huawei  (2019/6/10 10:59:21)
Samsung responded to Huizhou factory layoffs: decided to cut mobile phone production  (2019/6/6 12:48:42)
JDI considers shutting down some factories in Japan  (2019/6/3 13:49:02)
What inspiration does the United States give to China's semiconductor industry by cracking down on Huawei?  (2019/5/31 14:54:39)
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