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Core information 03.28] IGBT price rise continued, driving the IC will rebound  (2023/3/28 17:34:17)
1. Vehicle demand increases greatly, and IGBT will be out of stock until mid-2024

According to Kechuang daily quoted Taiwan, China electronic times, as the use of vehicles, industrial applications, slow capacity expansion, and certification still need time to consider the long-term customer relationship, plus the Tesla cut silicon carbide news, 75% may become one of the alternative IGBT, out of stock problems at least before the middle of 2024.

2. The April partial driver IC quotation may rise by 10% to 15%

According to kechuang board daily quoted Taiwan, China electronic times, according to the semiconductor industry, in addition to TSMC, the world advanced performance, capacity utilization is expected to rebound in advance, recent market rumors, drive IC manufacturers, silicon, etc., benefit from the end demand stop falling slow rise, customer inventory and new launch, April will raise part drive IC price 10% to 15%.

3. The decline in average DRAM prices is expected to converge to 10% -15% in the second quarter

According to IT Home, TrendForce Jibon Consulting released a report today, as some suppliers such as Micron, SK Hynix have started DRAM production, compared with the first quarter DRAM average price fell nearly 20%, expected the second quarter decline will converge to 10% -15%.

However, due to the uncertainty of the demand recovery in the second half of 2023, the downward cycle of average DRAM prices has not yet ended, and when the current original plant inventory level is still high, the subsequent contract price may not be reversed unless there is a larger production cut.

PC DRAM The average price in the second quarter will fall by about 10% -15%, the average price of Server DRAM will fall by 13% -18%, the decline of Mobile DRAM will converge to 10% -15%, the average price of Graphics DRAM will fall by 10% -15%, and Consumer DRAM will fall by 10% -15%.

4. Intel will completely launch the 5G baseband market

According to the quoted reports, Intel will transfer the technology solution for notebook 5G WWAN product development to Mediatek and Guanghetong (Fibcom), which is expected to be completed by the end of May, and Intel will completely exit the 5G market by July. In fact, starting from 2021, Intel's 5G solution for laptops is to adopt Mediatek base band, and the future OEM cooperation will be fully continued, and ensure updates and upgrades.

As for the 4G LTE baseband, the last shipment is expected to be delivered before the end of 2025, taking into account the stock market. In the broad wireless connectivity market, Intel will also insist on developing WLAN, Bluetooth and other related technologies.




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