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SK Hailishi released Q2 quarterly results: profits plunged 88%.  (2019/7/30 10:48:36)

Label 2019-07-26: Source of Financial Storage: Fast Technology

The decline in memory prices has become the top priority for Samsung and SK Hynix, two Korean semiconductor giants. Samsung has delayed the construction of the Pingze P2 plant with an investment of up to 30 trillion won. SK Hynix also faces a sharp decline in its Q2 quarterly earnings today.

According to data released by SK Hailishi, Q2 quarter revenue was 6.45 trillion won, down 38% from the same period last year, operating profit was only 637.6 billion won, down 89% from the same period last year, net profit was only 537 billion won, or about 460 million US dollars, down 88% from the same period last year, the lowest record in three years.

The main reason for SK Hynix's sharp decline in performance is still related to memory prices. The company said demand recovery did not meet expectations, but prices fell more than expected. To meet this challenge, SK Hynix also announced a flexible adjustment of production and investment plans to determine the reduction of memory capacity in Q4 quarter.

In addition to the sharp drop in memory prices, the Korean semiconductor industry will also respond urgently to Japan's sanctions. From 4 th this month, Japan will control three important raw materials exported to Korea, among which photoresist and high-purity hydrogen fluoride are indispensable for chip production. In this respect, Samsung and SK Hailishi basically rely on Japanese companies. Supply, once the raw materials can not keep up, the production of memory chips by Korean companies will also be seriously affected. © 2006-2017 Internet Thinking(Hong Kong) Electronic Co.,Limited(Copyright)