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Huizhou Samsung Plans to Close down: A Seminar is being held to find a home for employees  (2019/7/11 12:03:31)

Huizhou Samsung Plans to Close down: A Seminar is being held to find a home for employees
Label 2019-07-10: Sources of Components and Manufacturing Industry: Fast Technology
On July 9, Huizhou Samsung Electronics announced the announcement of enterprise recruitment announcement in the official micro-signal. Beginning on July 10, recruitment activities will be held in Burn Optics, BYD, Guanghong Technology, TCL Tongli, Desai Battery, etc. We know that few normally operating enterprises invite outside competing companies to recruit staff. This arrangement once again highlights the bad fate of Samsung Huizhou Factory.

In the message, a comment from a suspected Samsung Huizhou factory employee was put on the wall, saying, "Thank you for everything the company has done for us, I hope everyone can find the right job, come on!" Come on.

It is reported that Huizhou Samsung Factory, located in Chen Jiang Town, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, was established in 1992 and put into operation in 1993. It is the main production base of Samsung in China. Since the closure of Samsung's factory in Tianjin last year, Huizhou Samsung has become Samsung's last mobile phone factory in China.

Earlier reports said that Huizhou Samsung closed its recruitment as early as March this year and began laying off employees in May. One of the most radical claims is that Huizhou will close in September.

However, as the largest mobile phone giant, Samsung still has a strong manufacturing base in Vietnam, India and other countries. In addition, many mobile phones have been undertaken by domestic ODM factories. © 2006-2017 Internet Thinking(Hong Kong) Electronic Co.,Limited(Copyright)