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Toyoda Ko's auto chip maker Reza's value of $800 million  (2018/3/10 17:18:19)
Toyoda Ko's auto chip maker Reza's value of $800 million
2018-03-09 label: auto acquisition and acquisition source: Tencent science and technology

According to foreign media reports, TOYOTA motor's auto parts supplier Denso will increase 4.5% of the car chip maker Renesas, which is worth about 800 million dollars based on the market price. TOYOTA is accelerating the use of autopilot technology and other technologies.


Electricity is the subsidiary and supplier of TOYOTA, the largest auto maker in Japan. The company has been increasing its investment in new technology research and development, developing new technologies, including "Networked cars". In February this year, the electric outfit announced its investment in the California network security start-up Dellfer.


INCJ, the Japanese innovation network company, said it would buy the shares from the company. The Japanese innovation network company is a state-owned fund, holding 50.1% of the shares of the reesa company. No specific terms of the transaction were disclosed by all parties, but according to Renesas stock price, the value of the transaction is about 85 billion yen (US $796 million 900 thousand).


After the deal was completed, the proportion of the electrical load would rise to 5%, while the shareholding ratio of the Japanese innovation network company fell to 45.6%.


After the news, RESA shares rose nearly 9% on Friday, and then fell slightly, up 5%. Electrical equities fell 0.1%, while the Nikkei 225 Stock Index rose by 0.2% in the afternoon.


Automobile manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers have been competing to develop new technologies. As the automotive industry turns to electric cars and self driving cars, the status of chips and software in automobiles is significantly improved.


Denso said in a statement: "further strengthening cooperation with semiconductor manufacturers with rich experience and expertise is very important. We will jointly develop technology of vehicle control system and other new fields in automatic driving."


Last week, TOYOTA said it will invest $2 billion 800 million, with another supplier Denso and aixinjingji (Aisin Seiki) to establish a joint venture of TOYOTA Research Institute for advanced research and development company, to develop the automatic driving system. © 2006-2017 Internet Thinking(Hong Kong) Electronic Co.,Limited(Copyright)