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The fingerprint technology is far away from the screen, and the Samsung Note 9 can't be used.  (2018/3/10 17:30:00)
The fingerprint technology is far away from the screen, and the Samsung Note 9 can't be used.
2018-03-09 label: mobile phone Samsung source: Phoenix Technology


According to technology blog AppleInsider Beijing time March 9th reported that despite the earlier rumors that Samsung will be released later this year, Galaxy Note9 advanced integrated screen fingerprint recognition technology, but KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji well-known now believe that this technology couldn't catch up with Galaxy Note9. In a report to investors on Thursday, Guo Mingji said that Samsung will probably hold down the under screen fingerprint technology, because ultrasound and optical solutions are not up to the company's standards.


"According to our understanding of technology, the under screen fingerprint solution may now face many technical problems, such as screen protection film and different environments will affect the recognition rate and power consumption," Guo Mingji said.

However, Guo Mingji is still looking for fingerprint identification, which is considered an essential part of the design of a comprehensive screen phone. Contrary to Apple's view, Guo Mingji does not think facial recognition is a suitable alternative to fingerprinting. When Apple introduced the Face ID face recognition technology in iPhone X, critics expressed similar concerns about the security of Face ID and may be deceptive.

Guo Mingji said that Samsung's cancellation of fingerprint technology in Galaxy Note9 created uncertainty for the commercialization of the technology. According to current developments, Guo Mingji believes that the large range of fingerprinting technology will be used as early as the first half of next year. Rumor said that Apple had also planned to integrate some form of Touch ID technology in iPhone X, but gave up the plan and switched to Face ID. © 2006-2017 Internet Thinking(Hong Kong) Electronic Co.,Limited(Copyright)