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Design of USB sound card based on PCM2912a  (2017/5/12 11:44:50)

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I haven't done any hardware for nearly a year, and I don't feel like using Altium Designer software anymore. This time, the USB sound card has two purposes. One is to review Altium Designer software, and the other is to find something to do in your spare time and pass away your emptiness, loneliness and cold.
The USB sound card audio codec chip is TI (TI), the price is more expensive, a treasure above about $40 a piece. However, I did not spend the money as a poor poor wire graduate, and I was a free sample for TI. Detailed how to apply for samples, Baidu once, you know!
The legend is as follows:

 The following is the preview effect of PCB 3D:


The following diagram is the actual proof of the board:

The following is the board after welding the components:

There are two LED (1*Blue, 1*Red) on the board. When playing the audio, the blue LED is bright. When recording, the red LED is bright.
After soldering, insert directly into the computer's USB port, and the USB sound card will automatically match the driver without additional driver installation.

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