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TPS709 features an enable 150mA, 30V, 1 A IQ regulator
1 Characteristics
1 • ultra low IQ:1 A
Reverse current protection
Input voltage range: 2.7V to 30V
• support 200mA peak output
• accuracy within the temperature range of 2%
Fixed output voltage:
1.2V to 6.5V
Thermal shutdown and overcurrent protection
Package: SOT-23-5, WSON-6
2 scope of application
- Zigbee network
Home automation
• measurement
Electronic scale
Portable power tools
Remote control device
Wireless handset, smart phone, Pocket PC (PDA), wireless LAN
Network (WLAN), and other personal computer (PC) expansion card
Large household appliances
3 description
TPS709 series linear regulators are designed for power sensitive applications
Ultra low quiescent current device. A precision bandgap and error amplifier
The accuracy of the temperature range is 2%. The quiescent current of these devices is only
1 A, powered by batteries, so the requirements of idle power consumption is very small
This is a very good solution for the normally open system. In order to increase
Safety, these devices also feature thermal shutdown, current limit and reverse current
Protection function.
Shutdown mode by pulling the EN pin to a low level. The model
The shutdown current is as low as 150nA (typ).
TPS709 series uses WSON-6 and
SOT-23-5 encapsulation.
Device information (1)
Package size (nominal)
SOT-23 (5) 2.90mm x 1.60mm
WSON (6) 2.00mm x 2.00mm
(1) to understand all available packages, see the package options appendix at the end of the data sheet.
One point eight
Input Voltage (V)
Ground Pin Current (A)
TA = 40 ~ C.
TA = +25 C
TPS70912 TA = +85 C
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