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Does smoking hurt the eyes?  (2017/5/12 12:47:54)

Does smoking hurt the eyes?
Smoking harm to the eyes is the most common amblyopia, this is because the smoke inhaled oxygen is consumed, resulting in decreased blood oxygen content, while the retina is particularly sensitive to hypoxia, optic nerve fibers will happen if things go on like this, degeneration, the smoker eyesight decline occurred amblyopia, severe cases can cause blindness. In addition, smoking, inhaled nicotine and carbon monoxide and other harmful substances will cause vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation force, which lead to central retinal vascular embolism, macular degeneration and other blinding eye disease. Clinical observation also shows that smokers sometimes have transient intraocular pressure rising phenomenon, which is particularly evident in glaucoma patients, glaucoma patients have high intraocular pressure, and if re smoking, is undoubtedly worse.



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