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The U.S. manufacturing competitiveness in 2020 before the super Chinese or Japan rose to fourth  (2016/9/26 14:57:37)
The Global Times reported [] according to YAHOO Japan reported 24, Deloitte global and U.S. competitiveness Association jointly completed the "2016 world manufacturing competitiveness index" report predicted that by 2020, the U.S. manufacturing competitiveness will replace Chinese ranked first in the world, China dropped to second.
The report was released third times in 2010 and 2013, and the results of this year's analysis came from a survey of 550 administration officials in the global manufacturing industry. Reported that the country has been in the manufacturing sector has a significant change in the strength of the country is taking place. With the use of advanced and high-tech products, processing technology and materials continue to increase in the manufacturing industry, the last century living in the center of the traditional manufacturing in the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom will return to the competitiveness of the top 10. These countries invest in cutting-edge manufacturing technology, which plays a major role in innovation, talent and ecosystems.
The report predicts that Germany will still be ranked third, while Japan is likely to rise to fourth from the current tenth. Manufacturing competitiveness in the top 10 countries mainly from North America and the Asia Pacific region. China will be the only country in the top 10 of the BRIC countries. © 2006-2017 Internet Thinking(Hong Kong) Electronic Co.,Limited(Copyright)